HM Mask is a division of HM Optimal. Manufacturers of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) clothing and other clothing accessories


Hongma Optimal is a company specializing in production and sale of PPE and hygiene products. Its mask series have been sold well in the domestic market and exported all over the world. Our company has a complete set of testing equipment and strong production technology, with nearly 100 large-scale production equipment, dozens of production workshops, multiple laboratories and advanced testing equipment. In addition, our company has a group of technicians and researchers who support development of our products. We are available for contact or a visit, we certainly welcome cooperation.


HM Mask is a division of Hongma Optimal, a manufacturer with over 10 years of PPE experience serving clients deligently and promptly from across the globe with high quality merchandise.

PPE Manufacturing - 10 years
International Trade - 8 years
Medical PPE Manufacturing - 6 years
Clothing Accessories Manufacturing - 15 years


The HM Mask division, founded in 2017, it focuses on the R&D and manufacturing of environmentally friendly, pollution-free and degradable PPE products. It has more than 500 employees and has a fully enclosed, clean production park of nearly 100,000 square meters in the first and second phases. The company has undertaken the drafting and preparation of more than ten standards including industry standards, national standards and ISO international standards for the mask industry.


You would not find a more dedicated team on tighter deadlines!

  • Our products are quality checked and certified
  • We maintain an expandable production capacity
  • We work overtime to meet tight deadlines
  • We are part of a large network of logistics services
  • HM Optimal is experienced in cross-border trade
  • Our communication lines are always open
  • The team bends over backwards, flexible
  • Dedicated personnel for each customer account

Blazing fast shipping

We are part of a large network of logistics services, our shipping takes about two weeks by sea and 3 to four days by air to most places.

We don't hustle customers

While we pride ourselves with superior, production quality checks, when required, We offer fair and transparent refunds and returns.

Simplified payments

We understand each customer has unique local environment. This is why we offer multiple, simplified payment options.

Short lead times and ready stock

We offer some of the shortest lead times on customized orders and we always maintain ready stock for non customized orders.

Our Credentials & Production facilities